Wesak Wave Of Light Teachers

Lelama Sjamar, AmaYa Ma, Kaliana Rose

Facilitated by AmaYa Ma Kumara, Lelama Sjamar
and Kaliana Raphael Rose

In collaboration and co-creation with our Family of Light

AmaYa Ma Kumara

AmaYa Ma Kumara

AmaYa Ma Kumara is dedicated to the embodiment of love. As a Soul Mother, heart awakener and spiritual guide, she specialises in the transmission of love frequencies, teachings and practices which support a soul’s awakening to their inner source of love and the enlightenment of this love to the highest level of divine service to the world.

She is versed in the art of akashic reading and has co-facilitated 2 one year schools. AmaYa is currently preparing to launch a self-mastery school in the art of inspired service. She offers events internationally and has travelled extensively in planetary service.



Lelama Sjamar

Lelama Sjamar

Lelama is a Multi-Universal Channel from the Higher Planes of Light, who specialises in Empowerment Initiations of the Soul. She travels to Portals and Cities to Activate the Song Lines & Creation Portals and to open people to their Inner Light, Sacred Heart and Divine Empowerment through Sacred Sound and Celestial Activations of the Heart.

For 20 years now Lelama dedicates her life to raising consciousness and igniting the Divine Heart Voice, empowering Souls to live their life in Love, Wisdom, Joy, in a symbiotic relationship with the Earth and all beings, through communion with God Source via the ancient practice of sacred sound and singing the Songlines of the Earth and Universe.



Kaliana Rose

Kaliana Raphael Rose

Kaliana Raphael Rose is an international facilitator, author, singer-songwriter, teacher of Vibrational Healing and Mentor of The Divine University.

As a Divine Mother and Christ Plane Emissary she has taught with the Family of Light since 1985. Bringing through blessings from the Angelic and Christ Planes of Love and Light, she has created a comprehensive body of work on vibrational healing:

Flower and Crystal Essences; DNA Repatterning of the Chakras and Endocrine System; The Magdalene and Jeshua Codes of the Light of Christ Consciousness.

Her mission is to support others to remember their own Divinity and the precious gifts that they bring to the Earth.


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