The Ashram of Divine Service to Gaia is cared for by Mother Gaia, The Sacred Hoop of Elders and Earth Caretakers and Gaia’s Emissaries of Love, Light and Creation.

Within the Ashram of Divine Service to Gaia, are the Presences of the Elders of the Sacred Hoop, the Earth Caretakers and Guardians and the many Presences and Emissaries in service to Mother Gaia.

These ones maintain the great balance within our world and between the worlds of Gaia, and serve the energy exchange system between Gaia and the universe.

This ashram supports us as awakened souls to give service to Mother Gaia’s sacred sites, portal system, grids, and the restoration, upgrade and regeneration of all that may have been disturbed within the worlds of Gaia due to human interference.

It offers education, training and the development of specific gifts needed to work with the kingdoms of the earth and with Mother Earth’s energy field in service to the great balance of all life on earth.

This ashram supports souls to receive and fulfil their Gaia based mission projects in collaboration with the Family of Light and to activate the higher communication with Gaia and the ancestral guardians of the earth.

The primary forms of assistance we may receive via the Ashram of Divine Service to Gaia include:

  • Training to expand our spiritual contact and higher communication with the Holy Spirit of Gaia so we may serve in collaboration with Gaia
  • Education related to the subtle energy field and energetic flows through Gaia’s lightbody; the grids, ley lines, song lines, creation lines and portal system, as required on one’s path of service to Gaia
  • Access to the libraries within Gaia through the guidance of the Emissaries, to study the worlds of Gaia, specific to one’s field of divine service to Mother Earth
  • Assistance with opening the communication bridge to the Elders, Ancient Ones and Guardian Emissaries for the purpose of education, collaboration, training and enactment of service, orchestrated from the heart of Gaia and under the direction of her Guardians
  • Reclamation and training in the mastery of our earth based gifts
  • Training and education in preparation for specific service to species, the physical body, and worlds within Gaia

Blessed be our path of divine service to Gaia. It is through giving that we reveal who we are, to ourselves and each other!

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