Blessings beloved heart,
From the heart of the Divine University, we thank and honour your presence of light with us and invite you to receive grace for your life via contact with the beloved Emissaries of Light.
For one year, you shall be held by Emissaries of Light, Angels, Christed and Enlightened hearts, offering regular, personalised assistance and training to you.
The Emissaries of Light welcome your collaboration with them on your path of healing, transformation, expansion of your spiritual connection, and to receive new understandings and specialty trainings as you choose to regularly meet with them in one of their ashrams of light.

The Ashrams of Light

Ashrams of Light, form as inner plane cities and temples of pure light and are part of our Mother Earth’s Mystery school system.

In essence, we are incarnated within the vast school system of life on earth, cared for and directed by the Holy Spirit of Mother Gaia.

The Ashrams of Light are in truth, Mother Earth’s support system through which assistance is offered as we open to learn, evolve and reveal our greater potential and create with the fullness of our hearts.

Ashrams are light houses of service, education and collaboration for many beings of light, and are cared for by the Enlightened Ones and the Emissaries who serve from within them.

The cities and temples from within each ashram, offer unique forms of service and it is from within these vast houses of light that the Emissaries provide their specialty services, education and training for all who visit the these ashrams via the inner planes of light.

Ashrams are anchored through the spiritual planes of our Mother Earth’s greater Field and heart.

One Year of Ashram Support

Beloved heart, the Emissaries of Light invite you to meet with them in a universal Ashram of Light to receive regular, personalised divine assistance and training for your chosen path in life.

At this time of great change, challenge and opportunity for transformation on earth, the Ashrams of Light offer the highest forms of personalised divine assistance for riding the waves of this global shift and for fulfilling our greater purpose and reason for incarnation.

An Ashram of Light may be entered spiritually for many purposes, dear heart;

    • To study
    • Develop soul gifts
    • Grow in self mastery
    • Build our path of service
    • Expand our universal connection with Source
    • Receive teachings and understandings on specific subject matters we may be training in with our Higher Self, Divine Presence and the Family of Light.

The Divine University invites you to open to the ashram form of support in your life and to consider what may be possible as your potential growth and expansion, week by week, month by month over the coming year, through regularly receiving universal assistance from the Emissaries of Light.

Each ashram visit is an inner experience, beloved heart. As we sit in meditation, our consciousness travels into the ashram and we open to the experience of being in the ashram, simultaneously to being in our physical body.

In the central temple of the ashram we are met and welcomed by an Emissary of Light. With full awareness of our specific needs, this Emissary guides us to a temple or sector within a city of light that is of highest benefit to us at the time of our visit.

These Emissaries are in service, in response to our prayers and wishes for inner peace, accelerated transformation, fulfilling our higher purpose and being of greater service.

Our conscious connection to an Ashram of Light may also occur as our soul travels into the ashram during our periods of regular sleep.

At other times, beloved heart, the ashram connection may not be evident, however, it is our soul’s wisdom that shall guide the journey of spending time within the ashram’s cities and temples of light.

It is here that our soul shall study and receive divine assistance for our chosen path. The ashram system is universal, all inclusive and serves all beings, beyond culture, religion, race, lineage or any other form of division, beloved heart.

If you are guided to accept this invitation, please consider there are 2 ashram options you may train in at present; The Ashram of Divine Presence and The Ashram of Divine Service to Gaia. Detail about these 2 ashrams is offered below.

Each ashram serves a different purpose however they both support our greater human potential to open and be shared. We are all needed here on the earth in our greatness, beloved heart, and the ashrams of Divine Presence and Divine Service to Gaia, support this greatness to be revealed, experienced and served.

Wesak Contracts & the Ashrams of Divine Presence and Divine Service to Gaia

On the Wesak full moon as we enter into the new spiritual year, we are offered the opportunity to consciously renew agreements and contracts with our spirit, dissolve contracts previously taken on, and initiate new contracts of the greatest benefit to us on our spiritual path.

When we are conscious and aware of our contracts with our Spirit, we are on the path of fulfilling our higher purpose of revealing our divine, gifted human potential.
Soul contracts may be held with loved ones, family members and as service to be offered within areas of need within our greater community.

Planetary service projects, portal and grid work, service to endangered species, the waterways and sacred sites, are more expanded forms of service contracts our hearts may also guide us to.

The Ashram of Divine Presence and The Ashram of Divine Service to Mother Gaia offer the highest forms of divine assistance that assist us to fulfill our service and soul contracts made during the Wesak Full Moon Ceremony.

Join us for the Wesak Global Full Moon meditation and discover your new and continuing contracts for the year ahead and be supported to fulfil these via training and receiving assistance in an Ashram of Light.

Your First Ashram Connection

We invite all who accept the ashram offer of grace, to create their first connection to the Emissaries of Light within their chosen ashram during the Wesak full moon portal period, May 9 to May 22, 2022.

What You will Receive upon Registration and During the One Year:

1. 3 supporting documents:

    • Tips and Understandings related to your Year of Ashram Assistance
    • Prayer for Initiating your One Year of Ashram Support
    • Recommended steps to ensure that your chakras, pillar and energy body are activated prior to entering the Ashram of Light

2. You will receive an invitation to join the ASHRAM JOURNEY WhatsApp group in June 2022 so your one year exploration may be a shared experience.

3. Monthly reminder email, beginning in June 2022

4. You will receive an audio which can be used as a support for entering your chosen Ashram of Light. The download link to this audio will be offered upon registration.

The one year of ashram support shall complete upon the Wesak full moon, 2023, at which time you will be invited to be supported again by the ashram of your choice, should this be your guidance, beloved heart.

We honour you and bless you on your sacred path!

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