Beloved heart, your Soul, Higher Self or Divine Presence is your guide, assisting you to make the wisest choice of ashram, which is of greatest benefit for you to train in at this time.

To discover the highest truth and potential for receiving grace for your life path via one of these 2 inner plane ashrams, we invite you to gently close your eyes, focus your awareness upon the eternal flame in the centre of your chest, at the base of your heart chakra and open sacred space.

If you are a member of the Heart Portal of The Sirius Library, activate a clear space around you by saying the Heart Portal invocation.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are not a member of the Heart Portal, you may wish to join this divine membership. Membership into the Heart Portal is Free. Each time you call for the Heart Portal to open around you, a beautiful, powerful, uplifting light frequency opens in your energy field.

You may join here if you are guided.

The Heart Portal will also deeply assist you energetically on your journeys into the ashram of light you are guided to connect with.

Take long, deep breaths of your heart’s eternal flame, and gently relax your body and mind as you breathe deeply into the inner presence of your heart light.

As your breath slows down through deeper relaxation with your eternal flame, direct your heart flame out 6 feet in every direction around you to open your big heart.

Send your heart flame down into the heart of Mother Earth and then up into the heart of our sun.

Draw in the light from these 2 sources.

As you are filled and raise in frequency through opening your receptivity to the light from Gaia and the heavenly realms, filling your chakras, call on your Higher Self to gently merge with you and activate your pillar of light in divine order for you.

Take the time you need to open your heart and fill your chakras with light.

Once you raise in vibration, direct your questions to your Divine Presence through your eternal flame connection.

‘Is it the highest path for me to spend one year within the cities and temples of either the Ashram of Divine Presence or the Ashram of Divine Service to Gaia for the greater fulfilment of my life path and purpose over the next year?’

If the response from your heart is a ‘Yes’, then ask,

‘Is it the highest for me to spend one year receiving assistance via the Ashram of Divine Presence or via the Ashram of Divine Service to Gaia?’

Once you receive your response you may ask for confirmation if you wish.

Confirmation will be offered in some form within the next 3 days.

Once you have clarity around your choice, please notify the Divine University service team via the online form.

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