The Ashram of Divine Presence is cared for by the Council of Enlightened Ones and the Council of The Divine Presences of Humanity.

The Emissaries of Light within the cities and temples of the Ashram of Divine Presence, serve our evolutionary path of alignment to love, wisdom, divinity, faith, divine will, our higher creative potential, power of manifestation and expansion of clarity and higher awareness.

They also assist us on our path of service as we open to our soul’s divine gifts and collaboration with our Higher Self, Divine Presence and our greater Family of Light.

With ashram support, this path is empowered and accelerated, beloved heart.
The assistance available within this ashram focuses on our soul’s path with the Divine

Presence of our soul so we may be guided by our heart, our Higher Self and our Divine Presence, and able to co-create our life with our greater Presence’s love, light and power of creation, assisting us.

The assistance we may receive is vast and takes a soul towards its enlightenment, the full union of our soul with our Divine Presence, anchored through our eternal flame, within the base of our heart chakra.

This path begins with building the bridge between our soul and our Higher Self, firstly, and training is offered for this wonderful path that also serves our soul’s ascension into the light.

Within this ashram, another primary focus is upon spiritual aspirants who wish to specifically develop or expand their path of service to humanity, and serve the men, women and children in our families, communities and our world with their gifts, love, higher understandings and wisdom.

The primary forms of assistance we may receive via the Ashram of Divine Presence include:

  • Connection with Higher Self
  • Support with healing
  • Assistance with manifesting our prayers, intentions and projects
  • Release from the karmic cycle of the earth plane
  • Alignment with Source and our Divine Presence
  • Reconnection of soul aspects into the heart of our Divine Presence
  • Receiving the grace of dispensations, chambers, activations for specific purposes related to our ascension
  • Discovery and exploration of the multidimensional nature of our soul gifts on earth and within the universe
  • Healing, balancing & anchoring of our feminine and masculine bodies of light and love
  • Training in subject matters related to our path of service with our soul gifts and the specialty of our Higher Self or Divine Presence
  • Encounters with the teachings held in the libraries within the cities of light
  • Temple encounters with emissaries for the activation of our soul gifts, the development of self-mastery and our greater ascension
  • Assistance with spiritual initiations

Blessed be your path of revelation of the love, wisdom and power of your Divine Presence, within you!

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