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14 Day Planetary Infusion of Source Light!
May 9 - 22

The Wesak Wave of Light is a manifestation directed through the collaboration of our Mother Earth and the legions of light, Enlightened Ones, Archangels, Angels and Emissaries of Light.​

The 2022 Wesak Wave Of Light has started!

The 14 day Wesak Wave of Light is a potent, yearly opportunity to sit in the light, make ourselves available to Grace and receive the light for our renewal, illumination, energisation and inspiration for our year ahead!

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  • Open to renewal, enrichment, illumination, vibrancy and ease for your life as the 14 day Wesak Wave of Light streams forth new frequencies of light to wash through our world
  • Open the doors of your heart, mind and body to Deepen your relationship with the Field and Source of Grace
  • Live this coming year in a state of greater fluidity, flexibility, openness, Light and Grace

As human beings we source from the light. We are of universal origin and it is our greater engagement with the universal Source of Life that is the catalyst and medium for creating the experience of ‘Living in a state of Grace’ on earth.

Grace is a part of life itself, for in truth, the Source of Life holds all of life in a state of Grace. Our sun rises, our galaxy continues its spin, stars appear in familiar positions and our physical life continues in cycles.

This is Grace in action. Grace is embedded within the very nature of life and is available to us all, equally, unequivocally and unconditionally.

Humanity is currently being called to awaken and realize that the presence and flow of Grace is a primary need for evolving beyond survival.

Being human at this time becomes easy when we make ourselves available to receive what is essential for an abundant, vibrant life of inner discovery of our greater human potential.

This inner spiritual process of awakening to our greater brilliance requires ease. Grace is the source of ease. Greater light is a source of ease.

Beloved heart, the Grace of the Wesak Wave of Light awaits you in 3 unique ways

EVENT 1 - English or Spanish


May 9-15 & 17-22
Online Live Stream via Zoom
Join us for our free gift of 13 online meditations to assist your chakras and energy system to open to the Light of Source and uplift your Vibrational Frequency
EVENT 2 - English or Spanish or French


May 16, 2022 (3 hours)
Online Live Stream via Zoom
A planetary ceremony for receiving the peak flow of Source light and a unique 'dispensation of light' into our core through the power of the full moon
EVENT 3 - English Only


May 13, 14, 15, 2022
Online Live Stream via Zoom
An amazing 3 day online retreat to build your chakra bridge of light, open your chakras, and deepen your connection to the presence of grace
Receive the Grace of the Light
Be a Bridge of Light!
Unite in the Light
Ignite your Light
Serve Life!


For every human being, the receptivity of light into our energy system fuels the revelation of our vaster, brilliant human nature and evolutionary potential.

We are Soul. We are Light.

The energy system we occupy is a structure of light and is powered by light. We are learning how to operate as light and drive and maintain our light based energy system.

Light is as essential to a human being as is water to the life of our physical body.

Light is the foundation of our being and the structural foundation of all that exists in form. 

Light is:

  • Pure energy
  • A living intelligence, imbued with consciousness
  • An awakener of latent higher consciousness which already rests within us
  • A cleansing force for our mental, physical, spiritual and energetic nature
  • An activator and force of truth
  • Essential for the maintenance, energisation, vibrancy and optimum performance of the human energy system we each occupy 

During this 14 day showering of Grace upon our world, facilitators and teachers of The Divine University will support all to receive the Grace available to us in greater, more expansive ways.

Divine assistance will be offered to open our energy field to Grace and melt, resolve and dissolve beliefs which may have kept us from the choice to live in the infinite abundance of Grace available to every human being.

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